What is The Bus?

The Bus is about knowledge.

Knowledge is a journey, an adventure. Proper tourists step off the beaten path, investigate the local sights, taste the local tastes, sample the local wares and listen to the local sounds. Walkers walk to experience things missed by those sticking to the motorway, the interstate, the road. There’s purpose in riding a bus to its destination, but there’s joy in jumping off and investigating the stops along the way.

This is The Bus:

  • The Bus is published twice weekly - on Monday and Thursday mornings at 08:00 GMT.

  • Each issue contains five sections:

    • The Stop - the issue’s topic,

    • The Detour - a (usually) unrelated video, article, webpage, etc. that’s worth checking out,

    • The Recommendation - a film, television show or book worth sharing,

    • The Sounds - a short playlist which may or may not be related to the rest of the issue, and

    • The Thought - an idea chosen to get the mind working and hopefully bring others into the conversation.

If taking a few minutes to discover something new - or perhaps rediscover something you’ve forgotten - sounds like fun, please claim your ticket and climb aboard The Bus!

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Learning is a journey. Enjoy the stops along the way.


Bryan Padrick

I'm an American expat living and teaching in England, fuelled by many interests!